About Us

The Bantam Group, founded in 1997, is a full-service market research firm offering qualitative and quantitative services.  We specialize in brand positioning, messaging, audience segmentation and product development.   Our project work is split 50/50 B2B and consumer.

Troy Nottingham, Founder and President

Like many of us, Troy’s career in research was not a predestined one.  In 1987, he used his BA in History to land a job working for a cultural anthropologist – who just so happened to be doing ethnography before any such thing existed in research.  Troy’s interest in the study of humans (consumers), their mind and habits was permanently piqued – the catalyst for his career in research and, eventually, the founding of The Bantam Group in 1997.

We know what you’re thinking: research firms are a dime a dozen, right?  Here’s the thing about Troy …

He’s a storyteller – taking concepts and numbers and giving them life in the form of a story – one you’ll want to listen to.

He’s a synthesizer – seeing the forest in spite of the trees – getting to the root of an issue quickly and determining what’s important (and what’s not) when the market gives its input.

He’s an ambidextrous thinker – actively using his left and right brain to bring creativity to analysis.  On the one hand, he can explain factor analysis or calculate the margin of error on demand.  On the other hand, he can paint a very vivid picture of how people who buy your products make a decision to strategically tee you up for action.

So, yes – some research firms are a dime a dozen, which is why Troy started The Bantam Group – to deliver a thinking beyond data, and with more staying power than a data dump report.

Of course, he’s not all business all the time.  Troy is a writer (finishing up his second book) and religious studies teacher.  He loves to swim (more like aggressive floating), vacation at the beach and spend time with his wife and two children at home in Atlanta.

Jean Frankenberger, Principal

Jean is the most important person at Bantam you might not see. But you’ll certainly notice her work. She stays on top of trends in research and culture and imbues Bantam’s work with what’s current.  A big advocate of collaborative thinking, Jean makes sure that Bantam’s work benefits from lots of senior brains all focused on the “what does all this mean” strategic brainstorming that occurs on every project.

Before signing on as a founding partner at Bantam, Jean was with Reed Marketing Group, a strategic consulting firm and advertising agencies Fitzgerald & Company, HutchesonShutze and J. Walter Thompson, New York.

Throughout her career, Jean has worked with a broad variety of national, regional, and local clients in categories that include wireless telecommunications, utilities, packaged goods, technology, entertainment, banking, communications, health care and nonprofit.

Reading, traveling, taking advantage of Atlanta’s cultural offerings and overcommitting to volunteer activities occupy Jean’s time when not at Bantam.  And even more importantly, Jean is delighted to spend time with her two children and husband, although she’s not as delighted to admit she is finally the shortest member of her family!

Christi Luskin
VP, Account Director

Christi knows how to put a winning strategy together on and off the court. Her tenacity and passion to size-up and dismantle a challenge has been an asset to her clients over her 17 year career in advertising and marketing research. But don’t let her competitive nature fool you.  Christi’s approachable and empathetic demeanor makes her an expert moderator and client advocate.

Before her now ten years at Bantam, Christi polished her skills developing and implementing brand strategies for several advertising agencies throughout the Southeast. Having walked in their shoes, she knows where her clients are coming from and can provide them more of what they need and less of what they don’t.

Christi holds degrees in psychology and anthropology from Centre College, an MBA from the University of Louisville and one nasty backhand.  Just beware if she ever challenges you to a game of tennis.


Melynn Cogbill
VP, Account Director

What do you get when you combine a career in client service with raising two girls? A well trained listener and problem solver.

Melynn spent her pre-Bantam years on the agency side of the business constantly challenging herself and her team to keep a sharp eye on client objectives and add meaningful value that drives the business. For Melynn, that means digging through data others won’t touch. It means looking at insights and asking, “So what?” It means turning a 120-page presentation into an easy 20-page read. And it means offering solutions.

With a heavy retail background, Melynn’s experience is in media strategy, consumer research and brand positioning. Her passion, on the other hand, is making clients look good.

Need a good listener? Call Melynn. (She can also help with tiaras and tutus.)